About ANI

ANI is a joint underwriting association that acts on behalf of member companies. We directly write nuclear liability insurance for nuclear facilities in the United States and assume reinsurance shares on nuclear business written by select nuclear pools and mutual insurers throughout the world.

Most conventional property/casualty policies and reinsurance contracts contain a nuclear exclusion. ANI provides much of the nuclear insurance coverage that insurers’ nuclear exclusions eliminate from their conventional programs.

The nuclear exclusion allows insurers to avoid cumulative, overlapping exposure from a single nuclear event, which protects their solvency. The exclusions permit insurers to marshal the maximum capacity for the nuclear exposure through ANI, which benefits the customers and the public.

Excluding the nuclear exposure from their conventional policies allows insurers to rely on ANI’s expertise and experience in this specialized, high-severity market.

Image of the nuclear fuel cycle
Nuclear Fuel Cycle

ANI insures a broad array of nuclear facilities and suppliers of products and services to the nuclear industry. The risks we insure are associated with the nuclear fuel cycle that include:

  • Nuclear power plants that supply electricity for general consumption
  • Nuclear test and research reactors used by industry, medicine and academia for scientific investigation and development
  • Facilities used for the enrichment of uranium
  • Fabricators of nuclear fuel for use in nuclear reactors
  • Low-level nuclear waste management and disposal facilities
  • Shippers and transporters of nuclear material
  • Suppliers of nuclear-related products and services