American Nuclear Insurers was founded in 1956 to provide insurance to the then emerging US nuclear power industry. Today, 33 countries around the world operate 439 commercial nuclear reactors and 52 new nuclear power plants are under construction in 19 countries. With the world’s growing commitment to clean, emission-free sources of electric power, the demand for new nuclear power plants and continually evolving nuclear technology will continue to grow — both in the United States and abroad.

ANI is proud of the role we have played in supporting nuclear electric power. Worldwide, nuclear reactors produce more “clean air” electricity than solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro-power combined. With a renewed emphasis on the essential role nuclear plays in achieving a zero carbon emission environment, we are confident that nuclear will continue to play an important role in the domestic power production well into the future.

Throughout the years, ANI has consistently achieved outstanding results for our member insurance companies. Given these results and the long-term stability of the industry we insure, membership interest in ANI has grown in recent years. We encourage you to consider the business opportunities provided by membership in ANI.