Engineering for Safety

ANI engineers identify, monitor and reduce potential hazards throughout the design, construction and operation of facilities we insure. Onsite inspections are conducted to protect the interests of member companies and re-insurers by reducing insurance risk and securing underwriting and rating information.

Engineering efforts are dedicated in four broad areas:
  1. Evaluating risks for underwriting and rating purposes
  2. Making recommendations to reduce the probability of loss
  3. Making recommendations to reduce the consequences of accidents that do occur
  4. Supporting the claims investigation process

Our inspections supplement those conducted by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, an industry monitoring and inspection organization. While our inspections are independent of those conducted by others, we maintain open communication with these organizations to minimize redundant effort.

In addition to their direct involvement with insureds, ANI engineers keep current on technical developments that affect loss potential. They participate in a variety of professional committees and groups that develop, review and modify safety and performance standards for the nuclear industry.