ANI’s liability coverages are designed to satisfy the requirements of the Price-Anderson Act, a federal statute which established a framework for handling potential liability claims that could arise in the event of a nuclear incident.

ANI’s four liability policies are as follows:
  • Facility Form Policy: This policy provides primary financial protection and is purchased by commercial nuclear power plant operators and several other nuclear facilities.
  • Secondary Financial Protection (SFP) Policy: This policy is “following form” coverage for operators of nuclear power plants for a loss that exceeds the $450 million limit of the Facility Form Policy.
  • Facility Worker Form Policy: This policy covers radiation tort claims of workers at nuclear facilities insured by ANI. This is an industry-wide program subject to a single shared industry aggregate limit of $450 million.
  • Supplier’s and Transporter’s Policy: This policy is designed for companies providing products and services to operators of nuclear facilities.

One of the benefits of being an ANI policyholder is ANI’s Emergency Response Program, which is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to the public for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses associated with an evacuation due to a nuclear accident. This feature of ANI’s policies is highly valued by our policyholders.