Domestic Syndicate

The Domestic Syndicate offers third-party nuclear liability insurance to domestic operators of nuclear power reactors, nuclear fuel fabrication facilities, waste disposal and other nuclear facilities. It also writes nuclear liability insurance for suppliers of products or services (including transportation services), to these facilities.

For data on the maximum primary-liability policy limit for each site or supplier activity, please refer to the Liability Policy Limits addendum. The syndicate also provides additional capacity for use as a contingent liability limit under a secondary financial protection program for operators of nuclear power plants. Liability program results have been very positive.

The syndicate also reinsures a significant portion of NEIL’s nuclear property program, which provides property insurance for all operating power reactors in the U.S. ANI assumes an excess of loss reinsurance share of the NEIL program. This arrangement has proven quite profitable to the membership in terms of both income and spread of risk.


Percent of Total Domestic Net Nuclear Electricity  Generation:


Data source: United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission 2006