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ANI, located in Glastonbury, CT is an unincorporated underwriting association of major U.S. insurance companies that provides third party liability insurance to the nuclear power industry, including all commercial nuclear power plants. ANI additionally provides reinsurance to foreign nuclear insurance pools. ANI currently writes up to $375 million in primary limits. ANI also administers a Secondary Financial Protection program that currently provides a secondary layer of coverage in the amount of $12.6 billion.

ANI’s role in insuring the nuclear power industry is governed by the Price Anderson Act. This federal legislation provides both a financial protection scheme and legal framework for managing nuclear risk in the United States. In addition to managing the defense of public liability actions brought against our policyholders, ANI also provides emergency response services if an evacuation is ordered.

ANI’s employees are a dedicated group of highly qualified professionals with expertise in engineering, underwriting, claims, legal, accounting and information technology. This small team interacts on a daily basis in a collegial, flexible and rewarding work environment. ANI is committed to excellence in the services we provide to our policyholders. We are interested in recruiting individuals with demonstrated expertise in the nuclear energy industry or who are interested in developing that expertise through ANI’s training programs.

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